Sunday 16 June 2019

The scooter­commuters

Pupils on their scooters at Scoil Inse Ratha, Cork
Pupils on their scooters at Scoil Inse Ratha, Cork

If you've noticed a greater number of schoolchildren riding scooters to school, it may not just be because of how trendy scooters are among kids.

An Taisce, which runs the Green-Schools programme that focuses on promoting sustainable and active travel to school, has gotten in on the act.

"Working with schools, we noticed that scooting was growing in popularity and that, as another active transport mode, it was ideal for allowing children to travel to school - especially over longer distances than they might be able to walk," said Ciara Norton of An Taisce.

Last year was the first time the organisation devoted a week to scooting, like they do with cycling and walking, and over 6,000 students were involved.

"To acknowledge and encourage this mode we began scooter safety training in schools and also held Scoot-to-School Week to celebrate this new mode. We find that students who scoot now may decide to opt to cycle in later years."

A good quality kids scooter can be bought for around €60 or less while models for bigger children and teenagers can be bought for a little over €100, making them cheaper than bicycles, not to mention easier to carry around and more robust.

"We will be rolling out scooter training workshops to participating schools and are trialling scooter parking."

There are now simple designs for scooter racks freely available and which can be made with wood.

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