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The people's verdict

So what do our readers have to say about their favourite phones?

Dubliner Aoife Lawlor got sick of "stylish, girly phones" that disintegrate after a few months. She recommends the Samsung B2100 for girls "with a hectic physical lifestyle".

"It's rubberised, water-resistant, survives when thrown in a tantrum and there's even a good torch.

"The memory for texts and photos is very small though."

Aoife put her phone through its paces during a previous job helping to build disabled access bridges on the railways.

These days its durability still comes in handy as she's an art teacher of "lively teenage boys" with lots of clay and paint flying about her workplace.

Manuel Segura recommends iPhone fans to wait until any "bugs" are sorted out before splashing out on one.

He says the best compromise is the HTC Desire (11th in the Consumer Choice survey)."

"It runs Android. Almost everything is configurable and the apps are mostly free (unlike with the iPhone).

"I have an iPhone 3GS and I think it's great, but Apple make you do what they decide and sometimes it is annoying!!"

Actor Richard Wall, however, is a big fan of his new iPhone4.

"The images are so vivid it's like looking at the highest definition screen you can imagine and four times the resolution found on the previous iPhone," he says.

"The primary camera takes a great photo and the high- definition video quality is super-sharp with much improved sound."

Battery life is also better, he says, and he has not noticed any of the much publicised problems with reception that marred the launch of the iPhone 4.

However, he notes that 3G coverage can be patchy, which is a pain as he often shoots in remote places such as the border, for example, for the IRA-based feature film Anton, where he played the sidekick to tough cop Gerry McSorley.

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