Friday 20 April 2018

Smart Consumer: What can I do about the broken screen on my daughter's phone?

Ciaran bought a mobile phone for his daughter last Christmas but in June, while his daughter was lying in bed, the touchscreen window suddenly stopped working.

Ciaran brought the broken phone to Carphone Warehouse, where he had bought it, and they sent it off for repair.

Ciaran writes: "My daughter swears she didn't drop the phone but it has come back from the repair centre as unrepairable due to impact damage and the shop claims their guarantee is not valid as a result."

"Is there anything I can do?" asks Ciaran. "I tried to contact the technician at the repair centre but they don't answer phones. I've sent an email but the reply repeated that they were unable to repair the type of damage on the phone."

If the phone is faulty, then the shop where you bought it has a legal obligation to remedy the situation by providing repair, replacement or refund, whatever their own guarantees are.

But, if the phone was damaged from being dropped or some other mis-use, then they are not obliged to provide a remedy.

Inevitably, there are difficulties when a phone breaks down, as it can be difficult for the customer to prove that they didn't damage it themselves.

Smart Consumer contacted the Carphone Warehouse who agreed to investigate the matter.

They said that as "the customer states the handset has not been dropped or damaged in any way, we want to send the handset back to our repair partner.

"We have agreed for the workshop manager to review and diagnose the handset."

Ciaran handed back the phone for investigation but as more than a month has gone by with no outcome, Carphone Warehouse has now agreed to replace the phone for Ciaran.

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