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Smart Consumer: Signs they need a changin'

Most of time we probably barely register signs in shops, but next time pay attention. No business or advertiser can make a false or misleading claim about a product or service or about prices.

Here are five that you shouldn't see. So if you do, ask the shop to change the sign!

1 No refunds / No refunds or exchanges

This is illegal as you are entitled to a refund of exchange if the product is faulty or not as described.

If the sign says "no refunds -- this does not affect your statutory rights" then that is okay.

2No refunds on sale items This is illegal as your statutory rights are exactly the same in a sale.

Again if the sign includes the proviso "this does not affect your statutory rights", then it's okay.

3Sale -- 50% off Very good, but 50% off what exactly? And for this claim to be true a majority of items should be on sale at 50% off and not just one rail in a crowded shop.

Beware also of signs saying 'closing down sale'.

There is nothing wrong with that per se, but the business needs to actually be closing down and clarify when that is happening. It can't just be a ploy to get you in.

4 Dry Cleaners -- We do not accept responsibility for damaged buttons or zips

They should! A dry cleaner must carry out the service with the necessary skill, care and diligence and if they damage your clothes they must provide a remedy.

Sometimes for delicate items a dry cleaner may ask you to sign a waiver, agreeing that if they damage the item they are not responsible, so think carefully before you sign it.

5 Gyms -- Management not responsible for accidents

In fact, the management could well be responsible for accidents in some situations so they should not say this.

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