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Smart Consumer: Roads are missing from my updated Sat Nav maps

Q Jim contacted Smart Consumer about a map update he purchased for his Garmin satellite navigation system on the company's website in September at a cost of €89.

He writes: "Imagine my surprise when the Carlow by-pass, opened over two years, wasn't on the updated maps. Then I had to go to Ardee and whole tracts of the new M9 and other roads were not on the system."

Jim explained that he wrote several emails to Garmin, who explained to him that another company develops the maps.

So he contacted that company who (rightly) said they couldn't give him a refund as his contract and payment had been made to Garmin. In subsequent correspondence with Garmin he was told that when the updated mapping is complete he could buy another update -- for a further cost.

Jim believes that he has "received very little" for his €89, plus he asks: "How can I trust the system anywhere when one of the main roads in the country isn't even on it?"

A Smart Consumer contacted Garmin who said they "did a check of the map and the customer was correct and some of the M9 was not on the one time map-update he purchased".

They say "this was due to our map supplier not supplying the updated information on the map update version he had purchased. Unfortunately, real time updates are a long way off so currently mapping updates will never be 100% accurate."

Garmin add that they have been "assured that the roads would be included in the next set of updates."

Happily for Jim, Garmin have offered him a nuMaps lifetime update for his Garmin Nüvi Sat Nav which, Garmin says, will enable him to update the maps four times a year for the life of his sat nav.

Garmin would also like to remind customers that: "On all new Garmin Sat Navs there is an automatic 60 days map guarantee. This means that if you buy a Garmin Sat Nav you can update your maps free of charge within 60 days of purchase or 60 days from when the first satellite fix is obtained."

But they also reiterated that they cannot guarantee 100% up-to-date maps.

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