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Smart Consumer: How much does GoCar cost?

If you use a 'pay as you go' GoCar vehicle between the hours of 7am and 11pm, you'll be charged between €4.75 and €5.25 an hour rental plus 33c for every km you drive up to 100km, after which it drops to 23c per km.

There is no rental charge between 11pm and 7am, although the distance tariff still applies.

So a two-hour hire over a total distance of 30km will cost you just €9.50, which includes fuel (users are given a fuel card for when they need to fill up).

Before you can become a user, you have to pay a once-off registration fee of €50 plus a monthly fee of €3, to which you can add one additional driver for €25 plus another €3 monthly fee.

Needless to say, a GoCar gets more expensive the longer you have it and the further you drive, so if you want to use a car for more than a day or for a weekend trip, hiring from a traditional rental car firm makes more sense.


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