Monday 23 April 2018

Smart Consumer: Don't crack up over out-of-date eggs

Further to the Smart Consumer on 'best before' dates two weeks ago, Duncan Martin from Co Tipperary wrote and exclaimed: "Throwing eggs away when past their best before date? You must be yolking! I went white at the thought, nearly cracked up! Has someone hatched this up as a plot to increase egg sales?

"For the record," adds Duncan, "I often eat eggs that are many weeks past their 'best before' date and have done for decades. I have never noticed the slightest deterioration, apart from some thinning of the white. It's that sort of foodophobic thinking that has a third of the food we buy ending up in the bin, un-tasted," believes Duncan.

Thanks to Duncan for sharing his experiences, although Smart Consumer is obliged to note that the official advice from both Safefood and the Food Safety Authority is that, when it comes to eggs, the best before date should be heeded.

Lillian from Dublin writes: "I bought a laptop a year-and-a-half ago and it broke down a few months ago. When I phoned the shop they told me I'd need to buy a disc for it but I ended up having to bring it to a computer doctor, who fixed it for €120."

The laptop has broken again and she asks: "Should the shop fix it for me?"

Yes they should. When a product is faulty and breaks down, the shop where you bought it is liable to repair or replace it or to offer a refund.

This laptop was over a year old when it first broke down but can reasonably be expected to still work, so the shop should have repaired it free of charge. As it has broken down again you should go back to the store and tell them that they are obliged to offer a remedy under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980. Remember, this legal liability lies with the shop and not with the manufacturer.

Given the laptop isn't brand new, I would expect the shop to provide a repair first (rather than replacement). If speaking with the manager doesn't work, then put your complaint in writing to them.

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