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Smart Consumer: Clothes shop refused to accept my voucher during a sale

Q Emma got in touch about a voucher for a clothes shop in Sligo that she is unable to use in the sale.

Her husband bought her a top for €120 for Christmas but was smart enough to get a gift receipt so that she could change it if needs be.

Emma did go to the shop a few days later, returned the top and was given a voucher.

She writes: "Recently I went to have a look in the shop and when I went to buy a few things at the till I was informed that I cannot use my voucher during a sale.

"This was not told to me when I returned the gift nor is it printed on the voucher that it can not be used in sales.

"Can you please tell me what my rights are in the situation?"

A There is no legislation governing the use of vouchers, so it all comes down to the terms and conditions imposed by each particular store on their returns policy and on the use of vouchers.

So, in relation to not being allowed use the voucher in a sale it is up to the shop (although it might be deemed unfair).

However, the shop should have told you what those terms and conditions are, and if their rules state you can't use it in a sale then they should have told you that, or it should have been indicated on the voucher or receipt or clearly on a sign in the shop.

So I would suggest talking to the manager and explaining that you were not told of this rule, nor is it written anywhere. Ask them to show you where it is written and whether this is something they inform all customers about.

If you weren't alerted to it, then neither you nor your husband could have made a fully informed decision when making the purchase, so you should be able to use it now!

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