Saturday 16 December 2017

Smart Consumer: Can I get my money back if I have thrown out my receipt?

Rebecca contacted Smart Consumer about an incorrect charge on her credit-card account.

She writes: "I purchased a one-day Oxegen ticket and a return-bus ticket (€20) at a Ticketmaster booth on Friday July 9.

"With credit-card charges added on, it came to approximately €125. However, I received my credit-card statement just last week and it states that I was charged in fact €225."

Rebecca has the credit-card statement that clearly shows the charge of €225 but, alas, she has no proof of what she bought.

"Unfortunately I have no receipt," says Rebecca. "Ticketmaster receipts and tickets are printed on the same kind of paper, so I discarded it before I went, as I was afraid I would mix them up and bring the receipt instead of the ticket! I must have thrown out the credit-card receipt.

"As for the concert and bus tickets themselves, they went straight in the bin when I got home as everything was destroyed with muck!"

Rebecca called both Ticketmaster's helpline and Bank of Ireland's credit-card services and they have both told her there is nothing they can do because she has no receipt.

"I'm annoyed at myself," admits Rebecca, "because I'm usually quite good at keeping receipts for big purchases like footwear or electronics, I just didn't think to keep it on this occasion."

And that really is the lesson of this case. Keeping proof of your purchase is often essential if you are to prove that you were incorrectly charged.

Nonetheless, Smart Consumer contacted Ticketmaster to see if there was anything they could do, but to no avail.

They say: "From a Ticketmaster point of view, all outlet sales are classed as cash sales so if a customer pays by credit card it goes through the independently owned credit card terminal. The credit-card terminal is not linked to the Ticketmaster system and the charge amount must be manually typed into the machine.

"Either way, the customer had to enter their pin to accept the charge that was displayed and also would have received a receipt displaying the amount.

"Unfortunately, as a result of the above and the fact that the customer cannot supply the ticket or receipt, Ticketmaster cannot investigate this further or do anything for the lady."

Irish Independent

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