Saturday 21 April 2018

Should salon take my online voucher after final date?

Q Vinnie contacted Smart Consumer about a salon voucher he bought from a 'daily deals' site at Christmas for his girlfriend. He received the voucher by email and its expiry date was June 6.

"My girlfriend recently tried to redeem the voucher," writes Vinnie, "by trying to book a time between now and June 6. The salon explained that there was no availability between now and that time and therefore the voucher would be forfeit.

"I believe that we should be able to get a refund or extension to the expiry date," he says. "It is not our fault that they have no availability and they should be liable for the voucher.

"Would you be able to explain my rights in this case?"

A There are over 30 'daily deal' sites in Ireland selling vouchers for products and services with big discounts.

In the first three months of this year, we were spending €150,000 a day on them, according to deals aggregate site

Vinnie is correct in thinking that it's not his fault if the salon has no availability before the expiry date.

The seller, that is the 'daily deal' site, has sold the voucher to him and all the information given, such as price, description and the length of time in which it can be used, should be accurate.

So Vinnie should contact the deals site to request a refund on the grounds that it cannot be used as the salon has no availability before the expiry date.

Alternatively, he can always ask the salon if they will extend the use of the voucher, but that is up to them.

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