Saturday 20 January 2018

Shopping Around: The tastiest Chocolate Mousse

Muller Light Chocolate Dessert
Muller Light Chocolate Dessert
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mousse
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mousse

Edel Coffey

Much like Angel Delight, chocolate mousse is a food that, for me, is associated entirely with childhood. It was something I was given after mildly delirious episodes in the grip of a fever or traumatising visits to the dentist.

This is also probably why I have never been drawn to chocolate mousse as an adult. It conjures up such a strong Pavlovian response I find myself reaching for a woolly blanket and a box set, convinced that I need to take to the couch.

There are also a lot of very sad chocolate-substitute mousses out there for the dieters' market.

So, all in all, my associations with this are not the lovely ones of most people – a whipped, light, airy, fluffy and creamy treat

Muller Light Chocolate Dessert

Price €2.89 – 4x 100g (100g – 72C)

These are the largest pots of all so probably the best value for money. It has a rich flavour that's more grown-up and bitter than the other two. But there is the tell-tale mystery aftertaste that, in my opinion, comes with most low-fat chocolate products.

Still, it's the perfect way to sate a huge chocolate craving with just 99 calories.

Per 100g, you get 99 calories, 2.6g of protein, 12.3g of sugar and 2g of fat.

Score: 3.5/5

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mousse

Price €1.99 – 4 x45g (100g – €1.11)

Reminiscent of childhood, these taste like a batch of melted down Wispa bars.

In other words – delicious.

Per 100g, there's 180 calories, 6g protein, 20g sugar and 8g of fat

Score: 5/5

Aero Chocolate mousse

Price €2.39 – 4 x59g (100g – €1.02)

This one has the added bonus of Aero bubbles, which makes it feel like a very indulgent treat. This has less sugar content than the others but tasted sweeter to me.

The chocolate is Nestlé so if you're a fan of the bar, you'll enjoy this.

Per 100g, you get 159 calories, 5g protein, 18g of sugar and 5g of fat.

Score: 4/5

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