Monday 11 December 2017

SHOPPING AROUND: Strawberry yoghurt

This week we put five own-brand strawberry yoghurts to the test, scoring on taste, ingredients, nutritional values and price.

Lidl Milbona Strawberry Yoghurt, 250g

Price: €0.45 (€1.80 / Kg)

Verdict: This has the cheapest price per kilo and has a lovely consistency and taste. It contains the highest amount of strawberries listed at 12%. The calorie count is second-lowest at 88 per 100g, and both sugar and fat content are also second-lowest. The protein amount is also second-lowest though at 3.8g per 100g.

Score: 7 / 10

Supervalu Strawberry Yoghurt, 125g

Price: €0.46 or 3 for €1 (€3.68 / Kg or €2.90 per kg )

Verdict: This yoghurt tastes lovely; creamy and with a good strawberry taste. It contains 10% of strawberries. Made from 81% yoghurt this contains the highest protein amount at 4.6g per 100g and has the lowest sugar content at 12.2g per 100g. The calorie count is second highest.

Score: 7 / 10

Aldi Duneen Strawberry Yoghurt, 125g

Price: €0.37 (€2.96 / Kg)

Verdict: This is nice, it tastes sweeter than the two above but the strawberry flavour isn't as strong. It contains 8% of strawberries, the third-highest listed. Produced in Ireland, the calorie count, protein, sugar and fat content all fall in the middle of the five tested. The price is second-cheapest.

Score: 6 / 10

Superquinn Essentials Strawberry Yoghurt, 125g

Price: €0.49 (€3.92 / Kg)

Verdict: Containing 5% of strawberries, this one was creamy and nice but the strawberry flavour wasn't strong enough. The calorie count, sugar and fat content are all highest but the protein content is second-highest at 4.3g per 100g. It is produced in Ireland.

Score: 5 / 10

Tesco Value Strawberry Yoghurt, 125g

Price: €0.23 (€1.23 / Kg)

Verdict: This tasted a bit synthetic and it contains just 3.5% of strawberries and strawberry juice. The calorie count and fat content are the lowest, but the protein content is also lowest and the sugar content second-highest.

Score: 4 / 10

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