Tuesday 12 November 2019

Shopping around: Sliced salami

Tina Leonard

Delicious with some cheese or in a sandwich, a slice of spicy German salami can liven up your lunch.

This week we tested five own-brand packs of sliced salami. Given the nature of the product, in addition to pork they all contain preservatives, salt and spices and most contain sugar too.

We scored on taste, although there wasn't a huge difference between the various products, and also on nutritional values and price.

Lidl Twinner sliced smoked pork salami, 100g

Verdict Given they are a German supermarket you would expect to get good salami here and the cracked black pepper around the salami makes it extra spicy. This salami also wins hands down on price, at less than half the price per kilo of the dearest on our list. The meat contains 18g of protein, 28g of fat and 3g of salt per 100g.

Price: €0.99 (€9.90 / Kg)

Score: 8.5/10

Aldi deli continental salami milano, 100g

Verdict These have to come next because of another good-value price, second cheapest of our five. Quite spicy indeed, this salami does however have the highest salt content at 6.5g per 100g but also contains the most protein (27.7g per 100g). The fat content at 28.8g per 100g is second-highest by a tiny amount.

Price €1.49 (€14.90 / Kg)

Score: 7/10

Supervalu german salami, 80g

Verdict This salami was spicy and tasty and comes in third place on price. It also falls in the middle on nutritional values, with 19g of protein per 100g, 28g of fat per 100g and 3.5g of salt per 100g.

Price: €1.49 (€18.63 / Kg)tesco italian salami platter, 120g

Score: 6.5/10

Tesco Italian salami platter, 120g

Verdict This contains three varieties of salami, which is good if there are different tastes in your household. We tried the salami Milano and found it less spicy that some of the others but still good. It is the dearest we tested. However, it does score lowest on fat content (27.5g per 100g), and second-highest for protein content (25.4g per 100g), but scores second-highest for salt content at 4.3g per 100g.

Price: €3.60 (€30/Kg)

Score: 6/10

Superquinn sliced pepper salami, 100g

Verdict This salami was the second-dearest but had a lovely strong flavour. It contains the lowest amount of protein at 16g per 100g, and the highest fat content at 30g per 100g. Lowest salt content at 3.3g.

Price: €2.09 (€20.90 / Kg)

Score: 6/10

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