Monday 20 May 2019

Shopping Around: Naan bread

A flat bread made with wheat and the added flavour of spicy herbs, naan bread is a nice alternative or addition to the carbs in your meal. This week we tasted four own-brand plain naan breads and scored on taste, nutritional value and price. Interestingly the naan breads from Tesco, Aldi and Lidl all carry the same price.

Lidl Kanpur Garden Plain Naan Bread, 260g

€0.79 (€3.04 / Kg)

Verdict: For the lovely spicy flavour evident in these, they were our favourites, plus they weren't too 'bready'. They also contain the least number of calories (239 per 100g), the lowest sugar content at 2.5g per 100g and the lowest fat content at 3.2g per 100g. The salt content was middling but there wasn't much in it. These are joint cheapest.

Score: 9/10

Tesco Plain Naan Bread,

€0.79 (no weight given)

Verdict: While these are the same price as the Lidl and Aldi naans, we reckon they are actually cheaper when compared by weight as this bread is bigger, but no overall weight is stated on the pack. The texture and flavour was good. Salt content was lowest and the sugar content second lowest, but the calorie count was second highest, as was the fat content at 5.8g per 100g.

Score: 7/10

Aldi Sunnyhills Plain Naan Bread, 260g

€0.79 (€3.04 / Kg)

Verdict: The exact same price and weight as Lidl's naan bread, but these were too bready for our liking. The calorie count comes out on top (just), fat content is joint-second highest and the sugar content second highest at 3g per 100g. The salt content, however, is the lowest at 0.7g per 100g.

Score: 6/10

SuperValu Naan Bread, 270g

€1.83 (€6.78 / Kg)

Verdict: This bread had a bit of a spicy kick and we liked the taste. Unfortunately though, in addition to being the dearest of the four, the fat content was highest (6.4g per 100g), as was the sugar content (4.9g per 100g) and the salt content at 2g per 100g. The calorie count was second lowest though with 263 calories per 100g.

Score: 5/10

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