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Shopping Around: Gravy Granules

Some people (like me for instance) are a bit lost when it comes to making gravy for the roast from scratch, so gravy granules come in pretty handy. We tasted four different brands and found the tastes to be quite different and so were the prices. We scored mainly on taste and also on nutritional values, ingredients and price.

Aldi Quixo Gravy Granules, 300g

€0.85 (€2.83/Kg)

VERDICT: Joint cheapest along with Lidl's gravy, we liked this best to taste after Bisto's gravy. Having said that, the ingredient list was the longest of those sampled, the calorie count the highest (by just 1 calorie though), although salt content was the lowest of all four brands at 1.2g per 100ml.

Score: 7/10

Bisto Gravy, 454g

€3.85 (in Dunnes) (€8.48/Kg)

VERDICT: This well-known brand was miles more expensive than the others, so was it worth it? This gravy had the shortest (i.e. best) ingredient list and contained the least calories (18 per 100ml).

We liked the flavour the most, although that could be as much to do with familiarity as anything else. On the down side, this did have the highest salt content though at 1.68 per 100ml.

Score: 6.5/10

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Tesco Gravy Granules, 500g

€1.79 (€3.58/Kg)

VERDICT: Second highest on price, though well below the price of Bisto, this one tasted fine, was pretty beefy and had a decent short ingredient list.

The calorie count at 33 per 100ml was joint second highest and the salt content was second highest at 1.3g per 100ml.

Score: 6.5/10

Lidl Kania Gravy Granules, 300g

€0.85 (€2.83/Kg)

VERDICT: Joint best on price, this gravy was also joint second highest on calorie count, but the salt content was second lowest at 1.25g per 100ml and the ingredient list short.

Despite that we found the taste of this one too salty for our palates.

Score: 6/10