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Shopping Around: Frozen prawns

Healthy and tasty? This week we tasted own-brand frozen prawns. All were pre-cooked and peeled -- to avoid all the messy stuff -- and were all individually frozen and from the north Atlantic. We scored on taste, nutritional value and price.

Tesco Large Prawns, 400g

€4.49 (€11.23/ Kg)

Verdict: These were second best on price and were our favourite on taste. They were also lovely and succulent. From the north east and west Atlantic they were packed in Iceland. They contained the highest protein count at 16g per 100g, although the salt content was highest of those listed at 1.8g per 100g.

Score: 7.5 / 10Dunnes Stores North Atlantic Prawns, 340g

€3.79 (€12.23 / Kg)

Verdict: These were the second dearest of the four, but they were also tasty and nice and juicy. The protein count was joint lowest at 14g per 100g. Salt wasn't listed, just the sodium count, and no one in a shop is going to do the maths on that. But we did: the 0.7g sodium listed equals 1.75g of salt, the second highest listed. The packaging didn't say where they were packed.

Score: 6.5 / 10Aldi The Fishmonger Large NE Atlantic Prawns, 325g

€3.99 (€12.28 / Kg)

Verdict: These were dearest but were tasty enough, although we found them a bit tough, so not juicy enough. The protein count was second highest at 15g per 100g, and the salt content at 1.5g per 100g was second lowest of those listed. These are a product of Denmark.

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Score: 6 / 10Lidl La Caldera Greenland Prawns, 500g

€5.49 (€10.98/ Kg)

Verdict: These were the cheapest of the four, but we didn't find them as tasty or succulent as the offerings fromTesco or Dunnes. The protein content was joint lowest at 14g per 100g and salt content wasn't listed. Country of production wasn't indicated.

Score: 6 / 10