Tuesday 23 January 2018

Shopping Around: Breakfast wheat biscuits

This week we tested a product billed as a healthy cereal option; the breakfast wheat biscuit. Or in other words, the own-brand version of Weetabix.

We tasted four and all of them have the same ingredient list, which includes iron, niacin, vitamins B1 and B2 and folic acid.

When it came to taste, try as we might we couldn't find much, if any, difference between them, although we thought Aldi's version was a tiny bit sweeter than the others.

The price per biscuit for all was exactly the same (0.06c each), but when weight was taken into account there were differences. In addition scores were awarded for nutritional value.

Lidl bixies x 48, 960g

Verdict These are cheapest when compared by weight and contain the second-lowest salt levels at 0.69 per 100g and the second-lowest calorie count. However the amount of protein is lowest (10.8g per 100g) and the amount of sugar is just highest at 4.5g per 100g.

Price: €2.65 (€2.76 / Kg)

Supervalu wheat biscuits x 48, 960g

Verdict These do have the highest calorie count and salt content by a whisker but they contain the second-highest amount of protein at 11.3g per 100g and the lowest sugar at 3.9g per 100g, which are both pluses. The price comes in the middle.

Price: €2.93 (€3.05 / Kg)

Aldi harvest morn wheat biscuits x 36

Verdict There is no weight indicated on this pack so we can't say where they come on the price comparison. On the plus side, these contain the lowest calories per 100g (338), the joint-highest protein count at 11.5g per 100g and the lowest salt content at 0.65g per 100g. The sugar content is middling, although we thought these a little sweeter than the others to taste.

Price: €1.99 (No weight indicated)

Tesco wheat biscuits x 24, 430g

Verdict These came out the priciest when compared on weight, but the nutritional values are good. They have the second-lowest calorie count, and the joint-highest amount of protein (11.5g per 100g), and the sugar and salt content fall in the middle.

Price: €1.39 (€3.23 / Kg)

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