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Shop around to save on driving lessons

The recent price survey from the National Consumer Agency looking at the price of driving lessons showed us that the cheapest rate of €25 was found in Galway City, Tralee, Limerick City and Waterford City, and the highest quote of €45 was in the Churchtown/Dundrum area in Dublin.

But it seems the mantra of 'shopping around' applies here. In most locations surveyed there was €10 between the highest and lowest quote and in the most expensive area the biggest difference in fees was €16.

Given new learner drivers now have to complete a minimum of 12 hours as part of the Essential Driver Training programme, you could save from €120 to €192 by choosing wisely.

You can find your local approved instructor at the Road Safety Authority's website (www.rsa.ie), but as prices aren't listed you'll have to ring around to find the best deal.

Irish Independent