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Refunds are unlikely as Whitney gigs hit bum note with fans

Helen Ferris contacted Smart Consumer because she was unhappy after going to one of Whitney Houston's Dublin concerts.

She asks: "Where should I write to seek a refund for the tickets I purchased for the dreadful Whitney Houston concert. I'm not sure if I will have any joy but I would like to try!"

Smart Consumer thinks you won't have much joy either, Helen!

Basically you bought a ticket for a particular service; the delivery of a concert, and even if you thought it wasn't very good, the concert was provided to you as promised.

You could say that inherent in the delivery of a concert, and a Whitney Houston one at that, is the fact that the singer can perform well.

But the ticket seller could equally argue that enjoyment of the concert is subjective, and that no one can say how someone will perform on the night.

Added to that, it is general knowledge that Whitney is, alas, no longer in her prime.

However, you're clearly frustrated with the experience and have spent a lot of money on the ticket.

So you could write to the ticket seller (and the promoter while you're at it), to see what they have to say.

Q Nuala Grace got in touch with Smart Consumer to double check what reimbursements can be claimed due to last week's flight cancellations.

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She writes: "Can you tell me if the airlines are covering train, boat and bus expenses due to cancellations?"

A Under EC Regulation 261 governing air passenger rights you are entitled to accommodation, meals and refreshments, while waiting to be re-routed by the airline.

So, if you opted for a refund of your flight then the airline has no further obligation to you as you no longer have a contract with them. Under the same law, no further financial compensation has to be offered by the airline in these circumstances, as the flights were cancelled outside of the control of the airlines.

The only chance of getting refunds covering train, boats and so on, is if you have a good travel insurance policy that covers cancellations, and one that doesn't exclude cover for such events.