Friday 23 February 2018

Put to the Test: Pitta bread

Maybe our palate isn't as sophisticated as it might be, but when it came to testing white pitta bread, to be honest, we could barely taste any difference between them. Both Tesco and Aldi's pitta bread were fresher with a shorter shelf life, but they did contain preservatives. Wheat flour, water, yeast and salt, were the common ingredients to all. We scored on price and on nutritional values.

Verdict: This bread is the cheapest plus it contains the lowest calories (246 per 100g), the lowest amount of sugar at 2.4g per 100g and the lowest salt at 0.5g per 100g. The fibre content is middling at 2.4g per 100g.

Price: €0.49 (€1.43 / Kg)

Aldi Lynch's Fresh Pitta Bread x 6, 400g

Verdict: The second cheapest, this bread comes in lowest for fat content at 0.8g per 100g and second lowest for salt content at 0.7g per 100g. However, sugar content is highest (3.5g per 100g) and fibre content is second lowest. This is the only pitta bread to indicate that it is produced in Ireland.

Price: €0.69 (€1.73 / Kg)

Tesco White Pitta Bread x 6

Verdict: No weight is given but we estimate this comes in the middle for price. Fibre content is joint second highest at 2.8g per 100g. The salt content is third lowest as is the calorie count but the sugar content is second highest (3.3g per 100g) and the fat content is highest at 2.5g per 100g.

Price: €0.72

Superquinn White Pitta Bread x 8, 384g

Verdict: These were nice pittas with a good short ingredient list, but the higher price meant a lower score. But the calorie count is second lowest and the fibre is joint second highest at 2.8g per 100g.

Price: €1.35 (€3.52 / Kg)

Centra White Pitta Bread x 8, 384g

Verdict: Again tasty and with a good ingredient list but carrying the highest price. These do contain the highest fibre content though at 2.9g per 100g and they did puff up nicely when toasted.

Price: €1.43 (€3.85 / Kg)

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