Monday 11 December 2017

Put to the test: Natural yogurt

It's healthy and can be quite delicious on cereals, deserts and even with savoury food. Natural yogurt may be an acquired taste if you're used to the fruit-filled versions, but it's worth it.

We tasted four low-fat natural yogurts and it surprised us that all tasted quite different.

The prices weren't different though with three products costing the exact same (55c), and the fourth 58c.

We scored on taste, calorie, sugar and fat content.

Superquinn Essentials natural yogurt, 500g

Score: 4/5

Verdict: Described as "low fat" and the only one of the four tested containing probiotics, this is also the only yogurt that came with a 'produced in Ireland' tag. It has the second lowest calorie content at 53 calories per 100g, contains 0.4g fat and 6.1g sugar per 100g. It had the sharpest taste of the lot, so you'll like it if you're looking for that strong kick.

Price: €0.58 (€1.16 / Kg)

Aldi Brooklea light fat free natural yogurt, 500g

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: This had a taste we considered to be the happy medium; a little bit sharp but also a little sweet, so should suit many taste buds. However, that sweetness probably comes from having the highest sugar content of the yogurts (8g per 100g) although the calorie content at 55 calories per 100g and the fat content at 0.1g fat per 100g came in the middle.

Price: €0.55 (€1.10 / Kg)

Lidl Linessa low fat natural yogurt, 500g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: This one has the thinnest consistency of the lot and has a mild taste with none of that sharp hit associated with natural yogurt. We'd prefer a little sharpness but if you want a mild flavour, you'll like it. It has the lowest calorie count at 48 per 100g, contains the lowest sugar content at 6g per 100g and joint lowest fat content per 100g at 0/1g.

Price: €0.55 (€1.10 / Kg)

Tesco Value low fat natural yogurt, 500g

Score: 3/5

Verdict: This one was easy to eat, tasting the creamiest of the lot and with a good consistency. That lovely creamy taste could be accounted for by this pot having the highest fat content however at 1.5g per 100g and consequently the highest calories at 65 per 100g. The sugar content is second highest at 7.2g per 100g and the yogurt is made from British milk.

Price: €0.55 (€1.10 / Kg)

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