Sunday 22 April 2018

Put to the test: Floor wipes

Having a few floor wipes in your press can be handy. The prices of the five brands below vary widely, and while the Aldi and Lidl offerings are not billed specifically as floor wipes, they are 'multi-surface', so will they do the trick? A quick test cleaning teabag stains on the floor proved they were all up to that easy job.

We looked at information provided on the pack, the scent, and the size and quality of the wipes themselves.

Lidl W5 Multi-Surface Wipes x 80

Score: 4/5

Verdict: On the surface a great price, but these were small in size (about half that of the Spar, Dettol and Tesco wipes) and had the thinnest fabric so you may need to use several. Having said that, one wipe immediately removed a small rusty stain and the orange scent is fine.

Price: €2.49 (3.1c per wipe)

Tesco Floor Wipes x 15

Score: 4/5

Verdict: These had a good lemon fragrance and the information on the pack, including instructions and warnings, was clear and detailed. Good and thick and big in size (marginally smaller than the Spar wipes), these did the job well enough.

Price: €1.39 (9.3c per wipe)

Spar Wet Floor Wipes x 15

Score: 3.5/5

Verdict: We didn't like the chemical smell of these wipes, but they are the largest in size, and we reckon joint thickest along with the Dettol and Tesco brands. They also removed a lot of dirt, so performed well.

Price: €1.89 (12.6c per wipe)

Dettol Multi Action Floor Wipes x 15

Score: 3/5

Verdict: The joint thickest wipe (along with Spar's), we had high hopes for this big brand as it promised to "cut grease and remove soap scum" and cost the most. In our opinion they were fine but we didn't think they cleaned better than some of the others. These ones get points for the nice 'apple green' scent and the best information on the pack.

Price: €3.69 at SuperValu (24.6c per wipe)

Aldi Power Force Multi Surface Wipes x 34

Score: 3/5

Verdict: Another small wipe (like the Lidl ones), these come with both an abrasive and a smooth side. The lemon fragrance was just okay, but we didn't think the wipes cleaned as effectively as some of the others. Good price, though, and clear information on the pack.

Price: €1.25 (3.7c per wipe)

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