Sunday 22 April 2018

Put to the test: Chocolate spread

Tina Leonard

Yes, you may have given up chocolate for Lent, but when I was growing up, the rule was always that you could break the fast on St Patrick's Day.

As we don't want you to waste your derogation, this week we're testing chocolate spreads. Sugar was the main component in each of them, but the rest of the ingredients list was pretty similar for all of them. Three of the four tested did contain hazelnuts. In addition, the consistency of all was good and thick.

We scored on taste, price and took a peek at the nutritional values as well.

Aldi grandessa hazelnut chocolate spread, 400g

Verdict: This was our favourite to taste as the hazelnut flavour was good. Joint second lowest on price, this one also contains the lowest calorie count (562 calories per 100g), the lowest fat content at 36.1g per 100g and the second lowest amount of sugar (53.8g per 100g) Price: €1.09 (€2.73 / Kg) 7/10

Spar hazelnut chocolate spread, 400g

Verdict: This was the cheapest of the four and although the hazelnut taste wasn't very strong, it was okay. It has the second lowest number of calories per 100g (570) and fat content (37.6g per 100g) and comes in lowest for sugar content at 53g per 100g. Price: €1 (€2.50 / Kg) special offer 6/10

Lidl chocco nussa, 400g

Verdict: An identical price to Aldi's chocolate spread, but we thought this one wasn't as flavoursome. No nutritional information is given at all, which was disappointing. Price: €1.09 (€2.73 / Kg) 4.5/10

Tesco chocolate spread, 400g

Verdict: This was the dearest so lost points for that. It was also a little bland to taste and while this one doesn't contain hazelnuts, it could taste more chocolate-y. It contains the most calories at 580 per 100g, the highest sugar content (54.8g per 100g) and the highest fat content at 38.1g per 100g. Price: €1.55 (€3.88 / Kg) 4/10

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