Thursday 14 December 2017

Put to the test: Chocolate chip cookies

Well they are one of my favourite types of biscuit, my "guilty pleasure" as Cheryl Cole might say (or maybe she doesn't eat biscuits...). Anyway, it was no hardship this week when it came to testing chocolate-chip cookies.

We sampled the ordinary supermarket variety and felt it was best to ignore the fat and sugar content! So we concentrated mainly on taste and the chocolate bits.

Superquinn essentials chocolate chip cookies, 225g

Verdict: If you want a really tasty biscuit, you might have to pay more. Although they come from Superquinn's Essentials range, which is the lowest tier of their own-brand collections, these were by far the dearest of the lot. However, they were also the tastiest. These contain 29% dark chocolate and 11% milk chocolate, which probably explains the big chocolate-y taste.

Best for: Chocolate taste

Price: €1.19 (€5.29/Kg)

Marks & Spencer chocolate chip cookies, 400g

Verdict: This is a double pack and the second dearest here. These were our second favourite to taste, with 25% dark-chocolate chips and a good flavour and crunch. The taste is no doubt helped along by the best and shortest ingredient list of all the biscuits sampled.

Best for: Ingredients

Price: €1.79 (€4.48 / Kg)

Tesco chocolate chip cookies, 250g

Verdict: These were the cheapest of those tested, and they were grand but nothing special. These biscuits contain 20% chocolate chips but there wasn't a huge chocolate flavour, which was disappointing. These were the cheapest (by 1 cent) when the price is compared by weight.

Best for: Price

Price: €0.61 (€2.44 / Kg)

Lidl tower gate chocolate chip cookies, 200g

Verdict: Very similar in taste to the Tesco and Aldi cookies, these come in second cheapest and contain 20% chocolate chips. They tasted quite ordinary.

Best for: Everyday

Price: €0.49 (€2.45 / Kg)

Aldi belmont chocolate chip cookies, 400g

Verdict: Another double pack, these tasted similar to both Tesco's and Lidl's cookies. Not much flavour and these contain the least number of chocolate chips at 15%.

Best for: Dunking

Price: €0.99 (€2.48 /Kg)

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