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Put to the test: Bagels

It may be just bread, but the bagel still shines as an alternative to the sliced loaf for many of us.

This week we tasted five own-brand varieties. All are plain apart from Tesco's onion and poppy seed bagels, and we didn't find much difference in taste between them.

We scored on taste, ingredients, nutritional value and price.

aldi village bakery plain bagels x4, 320g

Verdict: These are the only ones to include rye flour as well as wheat, and while we couldn't taste the difference they were nice. They have the lowest number of calories (238 per 100g), and the second-lowest fat content (1.2g per 100g) as well as the highest fibre count at 4.5g per 100g, so scored well on those considerations. The sugar content is second lowest and the amount of protein is also second lowest. These are second cheapest when compared by weight.

Price: €1.09 (€3.41 / Kg)

lidl mcennedy plain bagels x4, 340g

Verdict: The best price, these tasted good and also contain the most protein at 10.8g per 100g. These have the highest number of calories though (283 calories per 100g); sugar, fat and fibre content are middling.

Price: €1.09 (€3.21 / Kg)

centra plain bagels x4, 340g

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Verdict: These are the dearest but then Centra is a convenience store. The bagels were chewy and tasted fine. They contain the lowest amount of sugar at 4.5g per 100g and only 1g of fat per 100g. But they also have the lowest protein count (8.3g per 100g) and the lowest fibre count at 2.2.g per 100g, so whether you choose them may depend on whether low sugar and fat or high fibre is important to you.

Price: €2.09 (€6.15 / Kg)

superquinn plain bagels x5, 400g

Verdict: These are fresh with a short shelf life and tasted good. The fat content is second lowest at 1.9g per 100g and the protein content is second highest at 10.5g per 100g. Calorie and fibre content came in the middle but these contain the most sugar at 8.7g per 100g.

Price: €1.69 (€4.23 / Kg)

tesco onion and poppy seed bagels x5

Verdict: Possibly the second cheapest, although with no weight indicated we can't be sure. The caramelised onions give these added flavour and they contain the second-lowest calorie count per 100g (250 calories). Other nutritional values are middling.

Price: €1.35 (no weight indicated)