Monday 27 January 2020

My washing machine won't work. What can I do?

Q Rosemary contacted Smart Consumer about a washing machine she purchased in Co Down in January for £745.

Rosemary wrote: "Sometimes I use the machine and it works as normal but then on several occasions when the wash cycle is completed the clothes are still saturated and are not rinsed or drained." She added: "On no occasion do I put just one or two items in the machine. It would always be a full load with the same type of fabric so the machine would not be out of balance."

Rosemary contacted the shop and they arranged for an engineer to call out and examine the washing machine. His report concluded that there was no fault.

But with the problem persisting, Rosemary called the shop again and two further engineer visits were organised. But they all came to the same conclusion -- that the machine wasn't faulty.

To add to her list of woes, at the same time Rosemary had bought a coffee table in the same shop for £360. A couple of months later she noticed scratches on the table and contacted the shop.

"They said they could do nothing," says Rosemary, "as I should have got in touch sooner. They recommended a man that could fix it up for me, but I'd have to pay." She adds: "I have given the shop good business having bought a number of other items but I feel the aftercare has not been positive."

A Smart Consumer contacted the shop where Rosemary made the purchases. The shop would not replace the machine as the engineers' reports indicated there was no fault, and a retailer is only obliged to provide a remedy if the product is faulty.

So next to Bosch, the manufacturer of the washing machine, who were willing to help.

A spokesperson stated: "I have spoken to the consumer and discussed the complaint in depth. We have agreed to replace the appliance for her and hope that she is satisfied with the replacement appliance."

There wasn't such a happy ending with the scratched table however. The shop refused to pay for its repair as they say the fault was brought to their attention some time after purchase and there was no proof the scratches were there on purchase.

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