Friday 22 November 2019

Let's hear it for the boys . . .

Walk down any shopping street in Ireland and you'll find women's clothes shops but not so many for the men. It's a simple case of supply meeting demand.

Women tend to follow fashion more and thus buy more. Not to mention that the fairer sex buy clothes on an incidental basis; a day browsing around town with girl friends will inevitably result in some purchase.

Men, on the other hand, buy as needed and even then it can be reluctantly.

Given that second-hand and charity shops rely on donations or on buying 'pre-loved' clothes, it's not surprising then that most of them favour the woman. Men just don't have as much to give or sell.

At Ireland's largest Oxfam on George's Street in Dublin, about one-third of their clothing stock is menswear, which they say is a larger percentage than most. You could expect to buy a branded men's suit for around €60. For a more ordinary item the average price is €12.50 or €15.

At the St Vincent de Paul shop in Dun Laoghaire, the stock is small but prices are cheaper. A shirt or trousers will cost around €5 or you might find a Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger shirt for €6 or €7.

And don't forget to look online, whether it's eBay or or another site. You will find men's clobber; it's just easier for the ladies.

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