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Is it legal to sell multipack crisp packets separately?


It's not illegal to sell multipack crisps individually

It's not illegal to sell multipack crisps individually

It's not illegal to sell multipack crisps individually

I was in my local shop recently and noticed that they are selling crisp packets individually that are supposed to be part of a multipack.

They have done the same previously with soft drinks. I feel that they are overcharging for these items because I'm sure they are supposed to be sold as a pack with a discount to the customer. To whom do I report this?

The wording on multipack packing on selling items individually is a recommendation by the manufacturer of the product rather than a legal requirement.

There is no breach of current law when a retailer splits a multipack to sell items individually, once the correct price is displayed. Shops must display the selling price of every item offered for sale. It is a commercial decision by the shop what price they charge for goods and, provided that the correct selling price and unit is displayed, there would be no breach of consumer legislation.

But this also means that you can compare prices with other shops and choose the best value option for you.

If you feel that the retailer is not acting in the spirit of the offer made by the manufacturer, you could make a complaint about the shop directly to the manufacturer of the product.

For information on pricing or how to make a complaint to a business, check out: consumerhelp.ie

Siobhán Howe works with the National Consumer Agency. showe@independent.ie

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