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I want to get the zip on my coat fixed

QKeelin bought an Aquascutum coat in Arnotts late last year but the zip has now broken. When she went back to Arnotts she was told that Aquascutum no longer sell their products there, but they did offer to have it repaired independently.

However, before that happened it seemed that Aquascutum in the UK offered to repair it and so the coat was sent to them. Keelin was happy about this as she wanted the repair to be carried out by the manufacturer.

However, she has now received an email from the UK saying that the company is in administration, and so they can make no decisions regarding remedies.

Keelin wants to know what she should do now.

AAs Aquascutum is in administration, the administrators are essentially running the company.

For Keelin, it means that the only protection she has as an unsecured creditor in a claim against the company is via payment on a credit card or Visa debit card, where the bank could issue a charge-back on the purchase.

However, because she just wants the zip fixed, this isn't a remedy for this situation.

But she did purchase it in Arnotts and in any case the department store had already offered a repair. So would they do so again?

"We will endeavour to repair the item," said Arnotts in response to our question. Keelin is awaiting the return of her coat and we're sure an independent repairer here will do the job nicely.

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