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I stood my ground in the face of poor customer service -- and won!

Q Justine contacted Smart Consumer because she is very annoyed by the service she received at a high-street store in Dublin.

Her boyfriend had received a jumper for Christmas, which was too small, so in early January they tried to return it. He had a gift receipt, which should have made it easy.

Justine writes: "We were told that the system was down and that they could not, at that time, issue a credit note. We walked away semi annoyed but felt helpless.

"One week later we returned, only to hear (from the same staff member) that the system was still down.

"On this occasion we were really annoyed.But it was late on a Saturday, town was packed and the car meter was running out so we left again unsatisfied, still with the jumper in tow.

"Before we left, I queried the person serving us about being allowed to return the item within the 28 days and he said it would not be a problem. At that stage I should have asked him to write on the receipt but I didn't think of it."

Justine returned for the third time but this time was told that she was now outside of the 28 days and therefore could not return the jumper. What is more, she was also told that the system had not been down.

"I stood my ground," writes Justine, "the queue grew behind me and eventually got my credit note. I walked out of the shop angry, embarrassed and most of all annoyed.

"Surely in a recession, everyone should be holding onto business, demonstrating now more than ever that the customer is right!"

A Justine stuck to her guns and eventually got her credit note, as per the terms and conditions of the shop's policy relating to the return of unwanted goods.

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She had returned to the store twice within their 28 day returns period, and was told she couldn't be facilitated, so of course the shop should have accepted her credit note without question when she returned for the third time.

There isn't anything else that she and her boyfriend would have been entitled to, given this was not the return of a faulty item.

However, it must be asked why the customer service was so poor? If this consumer hadn't stood up and been counted she might have got nothing, and that is not good enough.