Wednesday 22 November 2017

I could save €1,560 a year by living off cash and prepaid cards

Simon Cornish reckons he is saving €30 a week by keeping his credit card in his wallet.

He is tying to live without credit and has switched to using cash instead.

He has also switched much of his everyday spending to the prepaid 02 Money card.

"On a weekly basis, I estimated I am saving €30," the Dublin resident said.

Over a year this would work out at savings of €1,560.

Being forced to only spend what is either in his bank account, or what he has on his prepaid card has focused Mr Cornish's attention on his finances.

There is now no buying on credit and no impulse buying.

"I find a prepaid card a good budgeting tool. It is a way of restraining yourself because you can only spend what money you have loaded on to the card," he said.

Mr Cornish, an office worker based in the capital, now uses his prepaid card to pay for groceries and his lunch during the week.

He has a bank account with Ulster Bank and has not got rid of his credit card, which is the Click card provided by AIB.

"I try to only use the credit card for large purchases or when I need to hire a car or for booking a hotel room," he said.

He also finds a prepaid card useful for cutting down on the use of cash.

"A relative owed me money and paid me back recently in cash. Rather than queuing in the bank to lodge it to my account, I was able to pop into a Centra shop on the way home from work and load it on to the 02 card."

Irish Independent

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