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Eye-cream I ordered on the net has not arrived

At the end of January, Patricia ordered eye cream by phone from shoppingathome.ie. She paid €87.40 and this was debited from her Laser card four days later.

She was told that delivery would take between five and ten working days but to date she has received nothing.

She says that she called several times to no avail and has also sent emails. The last contact she had was by phone and she was promised her order would be sent to her. But Patricia writes: "I still have not received the order six weeks after placing it by phone.

"I am beginning to feel I will never see the product and I cannot understand how something so simple should become totally complicated," she says.

Patricia doesn't want a refund -- she wants the product and asks what her options are.

A Given the product has not been delivered, Patricia is entitled to pull out of the contract and get a refund. However, Patricia wants the product so Smart Consumer contacted the business to see what the problem was.

A spokesperson for shoppingathome.ie explained: "I believe there was an issue with the order going astray in the post in the first place. The original order had been sent out shortly after being placed. Since it became apparent that the item had obviously been lost in the post somewhere along the line, another order was re-sent to her by ordinary post."

The spokesperson continued: "I am very surprised to hear that it has not yet arrived. So in order to ensure delivery is successful this time, I have sent a new order by courier; this is a trackable and traceable delivery and should be guaranteed."

Irish Independent