Friday 15 November 2019

Chicken fillets and yogurts a source of concern for shrewd shoppers

Q Back on March 31 in the 'Shopping around' section of this column, chicken fillets were tested and compared.

This prompted Peggy to write to Smart Consumer to say: "You advised that the Lidl Ballymanor chicken fillets were sourced in Limerick. On that day I bought mini chicken fillets (Ballymanor) in Lidl in Enniscorthy and they were sourced in Northern Ireland."

Peggy asks: "Could it be that Ballymanor sources its chicken from different suppliers?"

A Smart Consumer contacted Lidl for an explanation and they said:

"The majority of fresh meat and poultry sold in our stores comes from the Republic but on occasion it may be sourced elsewhere."

Lidl point out that during the week Peggy bought her mini chicken fillets they were on special offer, and when this is the case sometimes extra stock is brought in from Northern Ireland.

They add that all their fresh meat and poultry is Bord Bia approved, and the Bord Bia mark clearly indicates whether the meat is of Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland origin.

Q Meanwhile, Padraig contacted Smart Consumer to find out who makes Aldi's Duneen yogurts of the rhubarb, strawberry and apple crumble variety.

He says that he loves Sno yogurt, particularly their crumbles for 89c. But then he discovered Aldi's Duneen version for 55c.

Having tried them he is very pleased as not only are they cheaper but taste the same as Sno's yogurts.

A Smart Consumer contacted Aldi and their response confirmed that Padraig's taste buds haven't let him down.

While they wouldn't give us the name, Aldi said that the same manufacturer makes both Sno yogurts and those particular ones in Aldi's Duneen range.

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