Thursday 14 November 2019

'Car-sharing has saved me at least €1,600 a year'

Many of us love our cars and would never be parted from them. But for others, the idea of freeing themselves from the costs and hassles of owning and running a car would be very appealing.

Colm O'Cleirigh, from Ranelagh in Dublin, has owned a car for 25 years.

"I was the sole driver in my family, with five kids, so I did school runs forever."

But after his kids grew up, he scrapped his last car and bought a motorbike instead. For essential trips where a car was needed, he used taxis and rental cars quite a bit.

Then, last year, he came across a new car-sharing service called GoCar. It's a new category of 'pay as you go', high-street-based, short-term car hire that is proving very attractive to city dwellers who don't do huge mileages every year.

GoCar now has nine locations in Dublin city, including Ranelagh, and plans to expand this number to 15, and to seven in Cork city, over the next few months.

Colm is now a regular user, using it for things like shopping, moving stuff, and bringing family to and from the airport.

"I started off slow, as in maybe once a fortnight, but am now probably doing twice a week, on average."

Each hire lasts about two hours on average, and costs him about €10, not including membership and monthly fees.

"I've been using it for about a year now and really love it," says Colm, who reckons he is saving at least €1,600 a year over using conventional car rental and taxis.

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