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'By losing the landline we saved a fortune'

Emma Louise Ryan (25) from Co Kildare used to have Eircom in her old house until she moved to a new area six months ago.

Emma and her boyfriend now use a cable provider for both broadband and TV instead of Eircom and Sky separately, and reckon they are now "saving a fortune" -- at least €32 a month (for both TV and broadband).

"As we have no landline phone any more, there is no temptation to use it during daytime peak-time hours and be charged extra which would make the bill even more expensive for us."

For Emma and her boyfriend, it was only by virtue of moving to a new area with a greater choice of broadband providers that they were effectively able to ditch the landline.

When Emma and her partner moved house, they just wanted a broadband service, "but Eircom only offered that to us along with a phone line, which we rarely used, so the idea of paying for so-called free minutes was a little annoying", she said.

Irish Independent