Wednesday 17 January 2018

...but can it compete with premium services?

Free-to-air satellite TV is obviously cheaper than the pay-through-the-nose version.

But can it compete with all the bells and whistles of the premium service offered by Sky and UPC?

Actually, if you pay a little extra at the outset, it can, according to Tony Moore of

"I recommend the UK Freesat's HD box. There's a set-box hard drive of 500GB which can store up to a year's programmes," he says.

The Freesat system also provides a TV listing service, which, if you have got used to this with Sky or UPC, is very hard to do without.

And the cost? charges €299 for the dish, box and installation.

Another option is to get a satellite package plus an aerial for the domestic channels, which is provided by most satellite installers and providers., for example, charges €290 for an RTE + UK channels DIY kit.

Installation is relatively easy, according to Tony. But that's what they say about flatpack furniture as well!

"Some people find it hard; to others, it's easy," he says.

Dishes don't need height to work -- just a line-of-sight view of the sun between 10.30am and 11.30am, he advises.

But who wants a satellite dish in the middle of their patio?

The reason the damn things are usually high up on a wall is because they are unsightly. So high up on the wall is where they are usually put.

Many other satellite TV providers are also selling similar products, as more people look to cut costs in the recession.

When it comes to free TV, it seems, the sky's the limit!

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