Thursday 14 November 2019

A few more TaxI TIPS

Taxi driver Brendan Lynch got in touch following last week's column on taxi complaints. He says that most drivers will try and return lost property directly to the consumer and that he found the old system of complaining to the gardaí better than the current one.

In an effort to make his passengers more "streetwise", Brendan gives each of them an information sheet. Here is a reduced version of his main points:

  • You are entitled to choose any taxi so if a driver makes a "situation" out of your legitimate request, walk away and hail a passing taxi.
  • If the taxi driver doesn't have a clue about where he is going, get out and go to another driver who does.
  • If, after starting the journey, you feel uneasy about the driver, type the driver's number into your phone, then ask him to stop at a shop. Get out, and pay him. Make sure to get the five-digit taxi number from the roof sign at that point. Then phone the gardaí or the Regulator.
  • If you have a complaint you have to be very dogged and determined to succeed!

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