Sunday 21 July 2019

6 ways to save time on every day household tasks

From utilising modern hobs, to shaving minutes off your ironing, we outline 6 great ways to save time on every day household tasks

Around ten years ago Irish people spent an average of 53 minutes a day on chores around the home. Today, with more and more on our plates, some figures suggest we devote around two and a half hours to housework!

That means every year adults in this country spend over a month doing chores! Here are some helpful ways to spend less time on the home, and more time on the things you love.

1 Dishwashers save time

The days of hand washing are gone. Most modern houses are now equipped with a dishwasher, some even have two! And with good reason. According to one study, the average dishwasher uses just 16% of the water that hand washing uses. Not to mention the obvious time saving benefits!

Bosch dishwashers save time and water, while also delivering perfectly clean dishes. Their VarioSpeed technology cleans dishes in half the time of a conventional dishwasher.

If you're having people over, or just need glasses, cutlery or dishes clean in a hurry there is also a TurboSpeed setting. This programme cleans and dries dishes in 30 minutes. This leaves you with more time to be the host with the most!

2 Less laundry = more time

We're all guilty of throwing a towel into the laundry basket after one use, or washing a pair of jeans too often. This not only wears the garments out, but also uses unnecessary water and energy.

It's also more work for you! By being more cautious with how often you wash certain items of clothing it will collectively take hours off your monthly chore time.

3 An introduction to induction

As many people who cook for their families can attest to, cooking is one of the most time consuming parts of the daily chore routine.

Saving time when it comes to cooking can be invaluable and with modern stoves and hobs this is possible. Induction hobs heat up instantly using electromagnetic field technology. This means you can get boiling and frying in a flash.

Induction hobs are also much more convenient to clean, as well as being easier on the environment, as less heat escapes.

4 Avoid distractions

It can sometimes seem like the only way to get through your chores is to have the TV on in the background, or to stream a movie on your laptop while you work. However, these distractions make the whole housework process take a lot longer.

Set an hour aside without any distractions and you'll find you'll multiply your productivity, leaving you with less to do and more time to actually enjoy your favourite TV show. You'll also save electricity by having your devices turned off while doing chores.

5 Take the sting out of defrosting

In the past, defrosting a fridge or freezer was a gruelling task. In many cases it involved wet floors, wasted food and a lot of elbow grease.

Companies like Bosch have innovated in this field, saving time and effort for their fridge and freezer owners. Their appliances have a simple defrost function that clears ice build-up in five minutes. This will save you wasting an entire Saturday afternoon knee deep in cold water!

The Winning Line fridge freezer for example, with A+++ technology, uses 70% less energy, saving you money and helping the environment.

The LowFrost feature means that there is 50% less ice creation in the freezer. This makes defrosting even quicker and easier.

6 Saving time with tumble dryers

Investing in a top quality tumble dryer can save you precious time around the home. Bosch tumble dryers, for example, come with groundbreaking technology so you don't waste time cleaning your tumble dryer's condenser.

The Automatic Self-Cleaning System uses water extracted during the drying cycle to flush the condenser. This removes the lint that builds up which would otherwise reduce its efficiency, unless it was removed by hand.

Bosch's Winning Line tumble dryer is also 40% more energy efficient, for great savings on your household bills. This is particularly beneficial for a family with lots of clothes to dry!

The clear display on these tumble dryers tell you exactly how much time is remaining, so you can worry about whatever else the day is bringing.

Another great timesaving feature on these dryers is the anti crease cycle option. This adds 120 minutes at the end of the programme, in which time wrinkles are decreased, meaning less ironing time.

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