Wednesday 18 September 2019

Siobhan Byrne: The loves of my life


Fitness guru Siobhan Byrne
Fitness guru Siobhan Byrne

The fitness fanatic talks to Chloe Brennan about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

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My husband, Paul. He's an all-round legend.

The memory

The girls, Regan (six) and Ryanne (one), being born, and their smiles every day since. I wonder how we created such incredible little people.

The moment of the day

The welcome home every day from Regan, Ryanne and our nine-month-old Weimaraner, Hunter.

The song

Crazy Love by Brian Kennedy. He sang it as I was walking down the beach aisle on our wedding day. Or anything by Alice in Chains.

The movie

Jaws - I've loved it since I was a kid. It will never change.

The book

Touching the Void by Joe Simpson.

The hero

My husband, Paul.

The outfit

A little black dress worn with a biker jacket and boots.

The accessory

My skull necklace - I'm a rock girl at heart.

The gadget

Leather grip-wraps that my husband gave me when we started to go out. He is always buying me gadgets.

The drink

Champagne. If I'm going to have something, I'll enjoy something delicious.

The piece of advice

Don't get into the shower wearing sneakers. No, in all honesty, learn how to eat properly for life. It amazes me how many people don't eat right, and are not eating enough food. I'm always teaching this on my Health Holidays and showing people how to eat properly for life.

The pet hate

Bad food being served. I think I might be worse than Gordon Ramsay.

The hobby

Anything to do with strength training or working out.

The friend

Lynne Byrne is the bestie, and she is an all-round great person. She knows me so well.

The beauty product

Creme De La Mer - I've been using it since I was 20.

The holiday

Ibiza - we got married there and just went back. It's just an amazing place to be, and the energy is incredible.

The bar

Balfes in Dublin - We have a BodyByrne menu of foods I created that are just delicious and really healthy.

The part of my body

My back.

The virtue

Just being myself, being honest and trying to give people the most I can.

The vice

Cake - home-made. For that reason, I don't bake too often.

The smell

Strawberries - the smell of them just reminds me of being a kid.

The taste

Barbequed food in summer. We do eat a lot of protein, so any of it barbequed is my favourite taste.

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