Monday 26 February 2018

Shady lady - Triona McCarthy tips to keep you cool in the heat

Cool in the sun: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Cool in the sun: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Chanel's Les Exclusifs range, Boy.
Aussie beauty, Elle Macpherson.
Rock the Runway,from essie's new range Gel Couture.
Max Factor Facefinity Compact.
Mineral Matte UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 30.
DAFNI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush.

Summertime, and the beautifying is easy, says Triona McCarthy, who has the latest tricks and picks to keep you looking cool on hot days

Triona's trends

Mineral Matte UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 30.

The absolute best thing you can do for your skin is to wear SPF every single day. With temperatures on the increase and UV levels at an all-time high, safeguarding your skin all year round is of the utmost importance.

Sunblocks have changed dramatically over the years, and I used to find high-protection sunscreens quite challenging for my skin type - combination/oily - as they would often clog my pores and exacerbate sebum production.

Not any more, thanks to SkinCeuticals. I adore their Mineral Matte UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 30, above, €41. It acts as a protective base, with 100pc mineral filters, which provide weightless, broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB effects, as well as combining sheer coverage that mattifies without clogging pores. It's a bit spendy, but you don't need much to spread it all over your face and neck!

Top tip: Treat your neck the same as you treat your face. So cleanse thoroughly and moisturise from 'brow to bust' and apply SPF there as well.

Don't be a stinge-bag about using creams on your neck and decolletage. You may pay a little more now, but it'll certainly be much cheaper than a face-lift in the long run!

I pop this sunscreen on before my make-up, then I carry something like the Max Factor Facefinity Compact, below, €15, with me for touch-ups on the go, as it has SPF 15.

Max Factor Facefinity Compact.

Triona's trick

I love tumble-dryer sheets. I know, I know, the Domestic Godhelpus is becoming a Domestic Goddess! I rub these sheets on everything, even myself, as they help to repel bugs in hot weather. Pop a dryer sheet in your pocket if you're eating al fresco. It's the sweet scent that repels bugs, appara. Much better than pongy repellent. #todryfor


Rock the Runway,from essie's new range Gel Couture.

Raaaar! I always feel a little raaar when I wear red on my nails. My colour for the summer is Rock the Runway, above, €14.95, from essie's new range, called Gel Couture.

It's basically a gel-like formula that lasts for up to 10 days - depending, of course, on how raaar you get! Two steps is all it takes - the colour, then the quick-dry gel top coat that protects colour and shine - and that's it, no base coat needed! In my picture, above, I was wearing mine for a week - and it's still going strong as I type this, three days later.

Essie is the brand leader in nail trends at fashion weeks across the world, so the twisty bottle is inspired by a dress twirling on the runway. The tapered brush is designed to hug the curve of the nail, so you get a really precise application.

There are lots more shades to choose from, such as classic neutrals, darks and pretty pastels. They're available in pharmacies nationwide from next month.

Going for gold

Aussie beauty, Elle Macpherson.

Sometimes I find it difficult to relax when I'm having a facial, as I find myself thinking of all the things I should be doing, such as minding my children or filing copy.

This was the sitch when I popped into the new 5th Avenue Nail & Beauty Boutique in Dublin, to try out the Carita Gold Perfection facial, €145, which models like Aussie beauty Elle Macpherson, above, just adore.

Thankfully, it was a pretty high-tech type of facial, with exfoliation, ultrasound, a face workout with some fancy Cinetic Lift gloves to tone my facial contours; and LED tech to help boost my collagen and elastin.

It was totally worth it, as I saw the results immediately, and I continue to see and feel them a week later.

5th Avenue, 45 Clarendon St, D2, tel: (01) 679-8317, or see

Triona's most wanted

DAFNI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush.

I came across this DAFNI hairbrush on the internet, and honestly thought it was a bit of a spoof. It looked kind of too good to be true.

It popped up a few times again, but it wasn't until I saw MUA Lisa Eldridge on Snapchat, using it, that I thought, 'OK, I've got to get my paws on that', as I trust her judgment and she has similar hair to me.

So I tracked one down, and then the fun began! The DAFNI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush, above, €180, available from or, is a quick and easy alternative to regular straighteners. You simply brush your locks, rather than clamping hair between two burning plates - and you don't have to separate your hair into different sections. Ain't nobody got time for that! You simply brush your hair as normal.

Go on, google it to see what I'm talking about.

Now, it's nothing like a professional blow-dry, but it is super quick and easy, and all my friends love it when we're playing Triona's Hair Salon in my house, upstairs at my dressing table. Normally after a few drinks.

From our research, we have found that it works best on the less kinky-haired gals. On thick, dry or unruly hair, it's not so good.

Cult product

Chanel's Les Exclusifs range, Boy.

I just love this new fragrance in Chanel's Les Exclusifs range, Boy, from €175. It's an 'olfactory tribute' to the Mademoiselle Chanel and Boy Capel love story - it tickles my pickle! Coco borrowed from the boys when dressing, without losing any of her femininity, and this inspired Olivier Polge when he created this unisex scent, imagining the mark of a man on the skin of a woman.

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