Sunday 25 February 2018

Sepp Blatter: my part in his downfall

Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

We're only in the third week of this column and already we have claimed our first scalp - Sepp Blatter.

Showing a degree of international influence not seen since The Skibereen Eagle warned the Czar that they "were keeping an eye on him", last week's column called for the arrest of Blatter, a breakaway from FIFA and the establishment of a new United Nations and a new World Cup.

As I said at the time: "If the average fan was to watch that old goat dragged down the street like the common little shyster he is, then I reckon some of us might laugh so hard we may actually vomit up a lung."

Obviously, that was incredibly insensitive to people who only have one lung. But in the week since that seismic, nay, heroic, column was published, that once forlorn hope is becoming more plausible.

But proving that even the maddest wishes aren't that mad, this call for a breakaway international football association has grown legs and now we see pundits suggesting the establishment of the World Football Union, which would see the big countries take control of how the game is played internationally.

Even better for the average fan came with the joyous news that the malevolent Jack Warner, former Vice President of FIFA, now has an Interpol arrest warrant lodged against him.

Warner made the schoolboy error of having a row with Roy Keane a couple of years ago, so if he has gone to ground, why not get Keane to track him down?

Roy Keane: Bounty Hunter. If that doesn't fill you with terror, the you're a braver man than I.

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