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Senior school: Final exam

They say that wisdom comes with age, but does it push out general knowledge? Find out how you measure up to pupils in today's 2nd, 4th and 6th classes with our textbook test

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After five weeks, we've almost reached the end of term at Weekend's Senior School. You've flexed your muscles with some new PE exercises, buffed up on your cooking skills, updated your home and caught up on all the latest tech advances - but how do you measure up to the average primary pupil? We've rummaged through the school textbooks and compiled a list of general knowledge questions from all the key subjects. Now that you've completed the course, can you outsmart today's children? Take the quiz and find out.


No calculators for this one!

4th class

1. Molly got 4,459 votes in the last election. Cillian got 1,037 votes more than Molly. How many people voted?

2. True or false: parallel lines are also perpendicular to each other.

6th class

3. It took 18 hours for 6 men to load 3 containers. How many hours would the same 6 men take to load 30 containers, if they continued to work at the same rate?

4. Paul cycles every 12 days and Tina cycles every 9 days. If they both cycle today, how many days will it be until they both cycle again on the same day?

5. What is the measure of each angle in an equilateral triangle?

6. Aaron had an orange with 8 segments. He broke off ƒ of it and ate ¬ of that. How much of the orange did he eat?

7. A flight departs from Dublin Airport at 10am local time on Thursday. It flies non-stop to Moscow. Flying time is 5 hours, 15 minutes, and there is a time difference of +3 hours. What is the local arrival time?

8. The earth rotates 360 degrees every 24 hours. The time difference between two cities is 7 hours. How many degrees apart are they (from east to west)?

9. The temperature today is 21° Celsius. This is an increase of 40% on yesterday. What was yesterday's temperature?

10. A smartphone was reduced by €40. This was a reduction of 8% on the original price. What was the new price?

Maths Answers

1. 9,955 2. False 3. 180 hours 4. 36 5. 60 degrees 6. 3 segments 7. 6.15pm 8. 105 degrees 9. 15°C 10. €460


2nd class

Can you translate the following Irish words?

1. Gloine

2. Sméara dubha

3. Scian

4. Capall

5. Lámhainní

6. Scáthán

7. Clogad

8. Bróga peile

9. Uaireadoir

10. Fuinneog

11. Cnónna

12. Bríste

13. Cófra

14. Scuab fiacla

15. Folcadán

16. Ríomhaire

17. Tolg

18. Scáth báistí

19. Uachtar reoite

20. Feadóg stáin


1. Glass 2. Blackberries 3. Knife 4. Horse 5. Gloves 6. Mirror 7. Helmet 8. Football boots 9. Watch 10. Window 11. Nuts 12. Trousers 13. Cupboard 14. Toothbrush 15. Bath 16. Computer 17. Couch 18. Umbrella 19. Ice-cream 20. Tin whistle


4th class

1. Unscramble these letters to make four-syllable words:

a) Iglleinttne = ?

b) Agladirot = ?

c) Dousudeci = ?

d) Gratetalucon = ?

e) Ematiscmath = ?

f) Clulatorca = ?

2. Proofread this paragraph. How many errors can you spot?

The most commin tipes of owls in irland are the barn-owl and the long-eard owl. The short-eard owl is a winter visiter butt also has being known too nest here. Owls are nocturnel. There large eye's can sea verey well in the dark. There eyes is at the frunt off the head, not at the sid.

3. Write the correct group term.

Shoal, litter, flight, skulk, school, herd, brood, flock, team, pride, nest, pack, troop, kennel, swarm, gaggle

a) A ________of monkeys

b) A ________of insects

c) A ________of chickens

d) A ________of birds

e) A ________of foxes

f) A ________of cattle

g) A ________of mice

h) A ________of geese

i) A _________of fish

j) A _________of lions

k) A ________of pups

l) A _________of wolves

m) A ________of whales

n) A ________of dogs

o) A ________of swallows

p) A ________of horses


1. a) Intelligent b) Gladiator c) Deciduous d) Congratulate e) Mathematics f) Calculator

2. 19. The paragraph should read:

The most common types of owls in Ireland are the barn owl and the long-eared owl. The short-eared owl is a winter visitor but also has been known to nest here. Owls are nocturnal. Their large eyes can see very well in the dark. Their eyes are at the front of the head, not at the side.

3. a) Troop b) Swarm c) Brood d) Flock e) Skulk f) Herd g) Nest h) Gaggle i) Shoal j) Pride k) Litter l) Pack m) School n) Kennel o) Flight p) Team


4th class

Answer the following questions:

1. When did the Roman Empire begin and end?

2. What is the name of the city that was covered in ash in 79AD after Mount Vesuvius erupted?

3. Why are the Celts sometimes called 'invisible people'?

4. What form of writing did the Celts use?

5. Who were the Aos Dána in Celtic society?

6. What happened to Ireland after the Act of Union was passed in 1800?

7. When was the Great Famine?

8. When was the GAA formed?

9. Which hero in Irish myth and legend is known to have played hurling?

10. Who invented the World Wide Web?


1. 27BC to 476AD 2. Pompeii 3. Because there are no direct written accounts of their lives. Most of what historians know about them comes from observations written by the Romans, ancient Irish myths and archaeology 4. Ogham 5. The highest members of society, the educated class, people who had special skills 6.The British parliament in London ruled Ireland 7. 1845-1852 8. 1884 9. Cúchulainn 10. Tim Berners-Lee


Answer the following questions:

4th class

1. Most cities in Ireland have the same name as their county, but some do not. Which counties are these cities in: Belfast and Lisburn?

2. What is a tributary?

6th class

3. What is the smallest continent?

4. The Tropic of Capricorn is 23ƒ degrees south of the Equator. Which continents does it cross?

5. Name the founder states of the EU.

6. What is the most densely populated country in Europe?

7. What is the least densely populated country in Europe?

8. What is the Iberian Peninsula?

9. What is the highest mountain in Europe?

10. What percentage of the world's population live in China?

11. Where is the driest place in the world?

12. True or false: there are more sheep than people in Australia.

13. Can you name the Three Sisters rivers of Ireland?

14. What is the name of the warm current flowing along the west coast of Ireland?

Geography answers

1. Antrim, Antrim 2. A small stream that flows into a larger river 3. Australia 4. South America, Africa, Australia 5. France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Luxembourg 6. Malta 7. Iceland 8. Spain and Portugal 9. Mount Elbrus, Russia, 5683m 10. 20pc 11. Atacama Desert, Chile 12. True, sheep outnumber humans by more than four to one 13. The Barrow, the Nore, the Suir 14. North Atlantic Drift

Words by Meadhbh McGrath

With thanks to Folens Publishers,, and Central Model Senior School, Dublin 1,

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