Sunday 25 August 2019

Santa Baby: festive fun beauty tricks from Triona McCarthy

Party girl: Triona McCarthy is back in town. Photo: Steve Humphries
Party girl: Triona McCarthy is back in town. Photo: Steve Humphries
Benefit's Blushin' Babe
Nice 'n Easy' 3.5 Natural Darkest Brown
Modern Botany's multi-purpose oil
Triona's beloved Nice 'n Easy
Unexpected Eye Shadow Matte in No 100 Black Orchid
Tom Ford's Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette
Supermodel Giselle

Triona McCarthy

Fast-track your way to being the best gift-giver ever, with the picks of our party girl and beauty expert, mixed in with fun beauty tricks

Triona's trends

Tom Ford's Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette

Want to know what's big in the world of beauty right now to gift your mum, sister, best friend or partner? Look no further . . .

GLAM-MA: Now, this is a fancy-pants pressie if ever there was one. Tom Ford's Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette in Cool, above, €114, Brown Thomas, is the gift you're going to want to keep for yourself. In fact, it may be best to buy two. There's a Warm palette, displaying a more subtle, bronzed, array of shades; and this Cool palette, which has lighter and brighter tones. Both palettes feature four eyeshadows, a blush and a highlighter.

LIL SIS: Let's forget the contour craze and visit our often underappreciated friend, blusher. Rosy cheeks in winter are a major yes, and Benefit's Blushin' Babe, below, €43, is a cheeky piece of heaven for the blush luster! The limited-edition palette includes five of Benefit's favourite cheek and face powders, complete with a miniature They're Real! Mascara, a They're Real! Eyeliner and the Watt's Up? Cream Highlighter.

BFF: While some can conjure up perfect curls from a bog-standard tongs, most of us struggle with our defiant locks. No more! The 3 in 1 Multi Styler from Trevor Sorbie, €51.99, has three attachments to give you three separate looks without hassle. The stick wand is designed for tight, 'early Carrie Bradshaw-esque' curls; the bubble wand gives that elusive beach-wave result; and the wave wand creates soft drop curls.

Benefit's Blushin' Babe

Triona's trick

Woohoo! Party McCarthy is back in town. For one week only. I've dusted down the disco dresses to doll myself up in glitter galore. Now, if a thread on one of my sequined dresses breaks, and beads threaten to scatter everywhere, I pop a drop of clear nail polish where the thread has snapped, sticking it to the fabric beneath.

"I have all the make-up I could ever possibly need," said no beauty junkie ever! Ha ha! I just love, love, love make-up, and I know I could stop buying it, but, you know what, ladies? I'm not a quitter!

Red eye at night

Unexpected Eye Shadow Matte in No 100 Black Orchid

Right now, I'm in The Love with Lov, a new cosmetics brand that has the quality and design of a premium brand, but at a pocket-friendly price.

There's so much in the range to tell you about, but, really, what I've been using most is this Unexpected Eye Shadow Matte in No 100 Black Orchid, above, €6.95.

Now, I know it looks a little chocolatey, but when you apply it, it has a kind of reddish tone that really makes my eyes pop! No myxomatosis here - as long as you don't overdo the application.

Blendably soft with a lot of pigment and minimal fallout, I pop a little in the crease and outer corner of my eyes, and blend it out with a bit of black eyeshadow. It's a kinda 'Kristen Stewart at this year's Cannes Film Festival' type of look.

Sugar sugar

Supermodel Giselle

There is no denying that Mark O'Keeffe's Sugar Culture is a powerhouse on the Dublin beauty scene. The flagship Brown Sugar salon at 50 South William St, as well as the salons in Ranelagh and Blackrock, and the incredible Sugar Cubed in Clarendon St, have amazing teams. With the salons' one-stop make-up and hair services, you end up looking like a supermodel - just like Gisele, above

But let's not forget the men! The cleverly named Sugar Daddy on Exchequer St offers every gentleman the chance to go from dud to stud .This grooming salon looks after all needs, from hair styling and nose and brow waxing to shoe shining. See

Triona's most wanted

Modern Botany's multi-purpose oil

Hip, hip, hurrah! Hailing from my hometown of Schull in west Cork, this new Irish skincare range, Modern Botany, has just launched its marvellous, multi-purpose oil, above, €35, just in time for Christmas.

It's one of those hero products that's suitable for your body, hair, nails . . . basically everywhere.

The delightful duo behind the brand are John Murray and Dr Simon Jackson, of Dr Jackson's Natural Products fame.

Having sold that business, the boys relocated to Schull to develop this 100pc-natural oil. The key ingredients include locally sourced flaxseed oil, as well as chamomile oil, and arnica and calendula flower extracts. Not only does it smell incredible, it has anti-aging and healing benefits, too.

The oil, when applied, goes on beautifully, yet dries to a matt finish, so men will use it as well, and they won't look all shiny. Dry skin, tired visage and dodgy cuticles, be gone!

When it comes to hair, massage a few drops into the ends while your hair is still damp - no more dried-out crunchy tips. It's the perfect accompaniment to the mass of curling/straightening/burning we all do at this time of year.

Cult product

Nice 'n Easy' 3.5 Natural Darkest Brown

I can't deny the dye! I now have to colour my hair every three freaking weeks! FFS! Like, WTF! I'm old AF!

Alright, enough already, trying to be down with the kids with all my cussing!

If I can't make it to the salon, I reach for my beloved Nice 'n Easy, which is actually celebrating its 50th anniversary in Ireland this year. 3.5 Natural Darkest Brown, above, was my colour of choice for years, but recently I've gone darker with 2 Natural Black, below.

There are 47 shades in the Nice 'n Easy Permanent range, €8.69, so any old ladies - such as myself -can find their shade.

Triona's beloved Nice 'n Easy

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