Thursday 18 July 2019

Ruth Griffin: Beauty and the beasts

From glam to ghoul, we've got the spookiest make-up for Halloween

Rihanna's statement lip
Rihanna's statement lip
The Du Wop Lip Venom
Death and Decay, Lush
Dragon's blood sculpting gel
Blackened Nail Lacquer Tom Ford
Kim Kardashian Vampire facial
Bar Refaeli
Jess Hayes
Assets model Jess Hayes
Lacura Caviar Illumination Facial Wipes
Clinique Take the Day Off Wipes
Ruth Griffin

Ruth Griffin

I love Halloween - my house has been decorated for weeks. Monday we'll go trick or treating around our new neighbourhood - I'll be dressed as a witch and AJ's Daddy will be a rather fetching-looking 16-stone princess.

Adults don't seem to want to outgrow this holiday, with Halloween events, make-up, parties and costumes targeted for grown-ups, too. And if the bizarre killer clown craze is anything to go by, some people can't even contain themselves to only one night a year.

Everyone, big or small, seems to love suspending reality, disguising themselves and getting the chance to scare and spook. Dressing up, having fun, being creative and embracing our dark sides are only some of the reasons that Halloween night is such a success.

Make-up experts have reported Halloween makeovers exploding over the last few years and being the busiest time of the year for them. This week we have some spooky, blood-filled beauty products and some DIY Halloween tricks of the trade.

Treat vs Cheat

Clinique Take the Day Off Wipes


I don't really recommend facial wipes, but on Halloween they're an easy option.

Clinique Take The Day Off Wipes are a good high-end option. Department stores nationwide.

Lacura Caviar Illumination Facial Wipes

Lacura Caviar Illumination Facial Wipes


The Lacura Caviar range flies off the shelves, so grab one of these handy little skin savers if you can and double up on product. Aldi stores nationwide.

5 of the best scary beauty products

Dragon's Blood Beauty

Dragon's blood sculpting gel

The Dragon's Blood in this Rodial line, is actually just sap from the Croton Lechleri tree, which is proven to lift, firm and smooth skin while reducing redness and inflammation. This is the best-selling product from the Dragon's Blood Rodial range, but another beaut is the Dragon's Blood Mask, a gorgeous skin calmer for sensitive, irritated skin types. Rodial Dragon's Blood Mask, €53 and Sculpting Gel, €109, at M&S Beauty, Space NK, Harvey Nichols

DIY Halloween Horrifying Helpers

Sara Golding, MUA with Make Up Forever, says the best DIY Halloween make-up look is "anything that you can throw a bit of blood onto. Make it messy and gory and have a bit of fun." If you fancy giving your Halloween make-up a bash yourself this year, you can stock up on these horrifying little helpers. Make up Forever Liquid latex, €30, Congealed Blood, €31, and Black Teeth Enamel, €16.50

Go Goth

Blackened Nail Lacquer Tom Ford

For a quick and easy Goth-inspired, slightly witchy finish to your Halloween look, get your mitts on a nearly black varnish. With lacquers this dark, it really is essential to use a protective undercoat to ensure your nails do not get discoloured/damaged.

Blackened Nail Lacquer Tom Ford Brown Thomas, €36

Spooky Scent

Death and Decay, Lush

With notes of jasmine, rose and jojoba, this all-natural perfume could be described as floral, but it's top note of lily tips it over into funeral-esque territory. Surprisingly light and quite sweet, it's primarily the packaging and title that make it Halloween-worthy, but it's quite wearable all year round.

LUSH Solid Perfume Death and Decay, €12.50, Lush stores Dublin and Cork;

Bee Stung Lips

The Du Wop Lip Venom

The Du Wop Lip Venom, €18.95, was the original lip-plumping gloss. Bee stung lips are achieved by slightly shocking the lips with ingredients designed to boosting blood circulation to the area. For fang-ready smackers, check out the newer Lip Venom Second Sin, €25.95, which has double the ingredients, and contains Cool Act (menthol) to see even bigger results. Space NK, department stores nationwide and

NOTE: These lip products do not add hydration or protection to the lip area.

Treatment of the week

Kim Kardashian Vampire facial


Vampire facial.


With celeb fans including Kim Kardashian (above), Bar Refaeli (below) and Anna Friel, the spooky-sounding Vampire Facial or more accurately, PRP procedure (Platelet Rich Plasma) appears a bloodthirsty affair.

Bar Refaeli

PRP is naturally produced in our bodies; here a small amount of blood is drawn from your body, spun to separate components, and the platelet-rich plasma is injected with micro fine needles into the skin. It’s said to promote collagen, regenerate tissue, smooth texture, tone and volume of the skin. I was offered this treatment but I was too scared to go through with it!


Course of three to six treatments recommended with an interval of six weeks between each appointment, ¤495 per treatment,, (01) 661-9261. 

Backstage beauty with Jess Hayes

Assets model Jess Hayes

Assets model Jess Hayes (Instagram @Jessmnhayes) is a backstage regular on fashion shows and TV slots. She shares her top beauty picks and her go-to Halloween look.

What are your five make-up picks?

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation; Benefit Hoola bronzer; Benefit Browzing eyebrow palette; Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion mascara; MAC lip liner shade in Chicory colour

What is your daily skincare routine?

In the morning I wash and cleanse my face. I then apply Decléor Hydra Floral 24hr Hydrating Moisturiser before applying make-up. At night I use Bioderma make-up remover, then cleanse my face with Simple Purifying cleanser and toner. I then apply Lacura Caviar Illumination Night Cream, and Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream to my lips when going to bed.

Have you ever tried a vampire facial?

I haven't tried them myself. I have had a 5in1 Facial in Clearskin Clinic Dublin, which does include a chemical peel.

Jess Hayes

Any easy DIY Halloween make-up tips?

I love dressing up! Last year I went as an old porcelain doll' (inset) which is really easy to do yourself with the following: white face paint; liquid eye liner; pink blusher; red lipstick; mascara.

What is your top tip for keeping your hair in good condition?

I use the L'Oreal Curl Contour Hydra Cell Repairing Conditioner rinse-out mask twice a week.

What is the biggest beauty myth?

That you can use hairspray to set your make-up and make it last longer. It just clogs your pores.

Best beauty secret?

I got this from a magazine: heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a few seconds before you use it - it makes a difference.

What is your top beauty hack?

My top beauty hack to save time is a coloured lip. Whatever colour you choose, you can trick people into thinking you've spent hours doing your make-up.

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