Friday 13 December 2019

Rule botanica: transform your home this summer with an inventive twist on florals

Betsy three-seater sofa, €725,
Betsy three-seater sofa, €725,
Dinner plate, €5.50, side plate, €4, bowl, €4.75, tray, €17, Marks and Spencer.
Faux flowers from Dust - see for more details.
Monde Mosaic, Blooming NY print, €80-€130,
Wall hook, €4 from Penneys.
Luxurious cushion €28 from Debenhams.

Nikki Cummins Black

Floral prints have long been a style staple and interiors favourite, but this summer they are among the hottest fashion and interiors trends, with top designers taking an ever bolder approach to deliver a burst of floral inspiration. Marry up a psychedelic colour palette with softer pastels to create a striking aesthetic that freshens and brightens the home in time for summer.

Coming up roses

fx marksandsp.jpg
Dinner plate, €5.50, side plate, €4, bowl, €4.75, tray, €17, Marks and Spencer.

Crockery, such as this vintage-inspired collection, is probably the easiest way to bring your garden indoors. Use these in the conventional way or group them on a kitchen wall for maximum impact.

Buy it: Dinner plate, €5.50, side plate, €4, bowl, €4.75, tray, €17, Marks and Spencer

Velvet underground

Luxurious cushion €28 from Debenhams.

A couple of these uber luxurious velvet and fringe floral cushions will instantly breathe life into an old sofa or armchair.

Buy it: €28, Debenhams

Hook up

Wall hook, €4 from Penneys.

A wall hook probably doesn't sound like the most exciting addition to your home, but this cute little example is the perfect mix of practical and pretty. Pop this anywhere from your bathroom door to the utility room, to a child's bedroom for a cute twist on the usually mundane wall hook.

Buy it: €4, Penneys

Blooming Lovely

Monde Mosaic, Blooming NY print, €80-€130,

This is the type of cutting edge print that will instantly create a stunning focal point in any room that you are trying to update.

Buy it: Monde Mosaic, Blooming NY print, €80-€130,

Think pink

fx betseyDFS.jpg
Betsy three-seater sofa, €725,

DFS are playing a blinder at the moment with their Betsy sofas and snuggle chairs - this pink version is perfect against a funky flowery background, and is still neutral enough to team with florid cushions. A floral print would be too overpowering on a large piece of furniture such as a couch. This is perfect way to bring florals in to your living room.

Buy it: Betsy three-seater sofa, €725,

Have you got flower power?

Most people love flowers and the atmosphere they create in your home, but if you are anything like me, no matter how hard you try to arrange them into an elegant cluster they always seem to look uneven and have unsightly gaps. Thankfully for those of us who are artistically-challenged in this way, there is hope in the form of Lisa Marconi and Sarah Drumm, friends and co-owners of DUST interiors boutique, 2 Grantham St, D2. Along with their immaculately-curated collection of fabulous interiors pieces, they offer a bespoke flower-arranging service for the large selection of faux flowers they have in stock. This way you can have a beautiful and everlasting bouquet that matches your colour scheme and decor perfectly.

See for more details or call (01) 441 0160

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