Saturday 25 November 2017

Record players: our favourite airwave voices

Ian Dempsey
Ian Dempsey
RTE 2fm presenter Mark McCabe.
2fm presenter Larry Gogan. Photo: Brian McEvoy
RTE's John Creedon
RTE presenter George Hamilton

As Niamh Horan talks to model and DJ, Vogue Williams, Pat Fitzpatrick takes a look at some of our favourite record-spinners on the radio

1 Mark McCabe

Some say the millennium had no negative impact on human behaviour. We say Mark’s song, Maniac, stayed at number one in the Irish charts for  10 weeks, back in the year 2000. What happened there? The lyrics included the phrase, “oggy, oggy, oggy, aye,  aye, aye.” One theory is that this charming colloquial term stopped Mark’s song from going to number one all over the world. A second theory is that foreigners are not complete thickos. We’ll go for the first theory on that one, if you don’t mind.

2 Larry Gogan

We’re not saying that Larry has been around for ever. But the first day he turned up for work in RTE, they told him to come back in 10 years’ time — by which time someone should have invented the wireless. The most common cause of the male mid-life crisis in Ireland? Larry plays a song from your youth and calls it a golden oldie. The solution to this? Go out and buy yourself €300 worth of Lycra and then come home and make a pass at the au pair. Go on, ya divil.

3 John Creedon

“Creedo” comes across as modest and unassuming. He is also from Cork. He must

be one hell of  an actor. John made a TV show where he drove around the country in a vintage Mercedes. The idea was reliving family holidays in Ireland. They should have called it

We Couldn’t Afford to Go to Spain. They actually called it Creedon’s Retro Roadtrip. Except for his home county, where it was known as Look at the Langer in the Merc.

4 Ian Dempsey

Ian made his name on Dempsey’s Den back in the late 1980s, when he appeared with  a couple of  over-the-top creations made from cheap material. And they were just his jumpers, says you. Zig and Zag were very popular with a lot of Irish college students in the late 1980s. It gave us  a break from learning and revising the vital skills we would need to prosper in the Irish economy of the day. The key skill was, of course, how to overstay your J-1 visa for 40 years.

5 George Hamilton

Yes, that George Hamilton. He’s got a show on Lyric FM. It’s worth noting that a disc jockey is known as a Record Chauffeur over on Lyric. Fierce posh. It was a brave decision to leave a soccer commentator in charge of a show on that station. You can imagine some listeners would be upset to hear George referring to “the lad, Beethoven”. Or butting in just before the finale of the 1812 Overture to say, “danger here”.

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