Monday 21 May 2018

Ray's Saturday night gaffes...

Tricky interview: Tulisa
Tricky interview: Tulisa
Ray and Pamela Anderson.
Ray and 'Jack'
Dean Strang

Ray D'Arcy's bulging CV includes Fandango, a little-remembered 'lifestyle' programme for RTÉ radio in the mid-1990s. He looks back on it with embarrassment today. There's every chance when the dust has settled on season one of The Ray D'Arcy Show, that he will also cringe at some of these encounters.

1 In the very first show, he had a tricky interview with the former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos when the conversation moved to reports that she had been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. "We're not going there," she retorted, "and you know that." She was more forthcoming when he quizzed her on the 'sex tape' she had appeared in.

2 RTÉ received complaints that D'Arcy was being sexist in an interview with the former Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson. On showing a photo of her receiving an honorary knighthood for her animal rights activism, he quipped: "There you are on your knees in front of the Prince of Montenegro." And, on signing off, he said: "It was great, I was going to say, having you. I should really rephrase that." The TV presenter Maïa Dunphy tweeted: "The relentless innuendo of that interview was unnecessary and disrespectful."

3 When D'Arcy introduced Jack Nicholson, there were audible gasps from the audience: they hadn't been expecting a celebrity of such magnitude. Cue a standing ovation. But no sooner had he taken his seat on the sofa than D'Arcy broke the news that it was actually a Jack Nicholson impersonator and not the real thing. Sensing how deflated the audience looked, the visibly embarrassed host said: "I feel really bad. It wasn't my idea."

4 Devotees of the Netflix true-crime series Making A Murderer were excited by the prospect of seeing the defence lawyer Dean Strang (below) shed new light on the case. They weren't expecting D'Arcy to talk about Strang's "sex symbol" status with "the women in the office" and his "wife on the phone to her friends". An uncomfortable looking Strang responded, "I can't help you with that."

Dean Strang

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