Friday 19 January 2018

'People don't want to buy in clubs or pubs'

Many now take pills at house parties before heading out.
Many now take pills at house parties before heading out.
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

Cheap alcohol and the pre-drinking phenomenon has changed how people buy and consume drugs, with many taking pills at house parties before heading to town.

Tightened purse strings are also affecting what is being charged for drugs, with one dealer offering an undercover Irish Independent reporter ecstasy pills for €10 over the Christmas period.

The dealer said the market is changing because people do not want to buy their drugs in bars or nightclubs. He said that cheap drugs are easy to come by, but added that people are willing to spend more to ensure they get what they want.

"You could get a couple (of pills) for a tenner but for about €20 or €30 you could make sure that you have a proper night," he said. "It's like anything else - you get what you pay for. The more you spend, the better the quality."

He said that how drugs are sold is also changing because people increasingly drink at home before heading to town.

"It is different now. I don't go near them (pubs or nightclubs) because of the security, and people don't always buy in there," he added. "Most people are taking stuff (drugs) in houses or bringing the stuff out with them and then taking them when they are in town... They probably think it is safer."

The popularity of MDMA is increasing all the time and the dealer said that it is the most sought after drug among students.

"It is all MD. That's what they want at the moment," he said.

One user said that he would be willing to spend more on drugs to have the reassurance that they are "safe".

He said that the idea of getting pills for €10 was not going to appeal to many people.

"That won't get you anything, or at least anything safe," he said.

The majority of MDMA sold by dealers to students is sold in multiples, with friends often clubbing together to buy a quantity.

Many dealers will refuse to sell less than five pills at a time, with a gram selling for about €50.

The students then act as dealers with a number of houses or apartments in student areas near colleges known as spots for sourcing drugs.

"It's so easy to pick up stuff now that we don't have to go into the clubs," said the dealer. "Everyone knows someone who will sort them out."

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