Tuesday 16 July 2019

People are talking: Sit down Gigi, you are no Stand-Up

Gigi Hadid at the AMAs
Gigi Hadid at the AMAs
David McWilliams

Anne Marie Scanlon

Imagine our shock here in People Are Talking when we woke up and found ourselves in bed with Trump supporters. Quite.

Yes, we were all in agreement that Gigi Hadid's impression of First Lady-To-Be, Melania Trump, at the AMAs (American Music Awards) was simply wrong.

On closer inspection though it turned out that while we were trying to uncurl our embarrassed toes and unsee the ghastly 'turn' by a model determined to prove she's more than just a pretty face and a killer body, the "alt-right" as they call themselves had different gripes.

Gigi's impression of Melania's Eastern European accent is "racist" they say, and let's face it, they would know. (Remember that the next time you leave the room doing your best Arnie/Terminator "I'll be back.") Further, supporters of the First Family-To-Be were worried that Trump's 10-year-old son Barron might have seen a model (whose own parents are both immigrants) poking fun at his mama! He needn't worry as this joke was on Gigi. Small wonder boyfriend Zayn forgot to thank her when accepting an award.

Time David put his house in order

Pat Fitzpatrick

David McWilliams

A definition of Irish people: a forgetful race, genetically predisposed to ignoring excitable red-haired people bearing bad news. It's the only thing that makes sense any more.

Why? David McWilliams (above).

He was at it again during the week, pointing out that our ballooning property prices are a bigger threat to the Irish economy than Donald Trump. Our response? Tumbleweed. People looking at their shoes, waiting for him to go away. Thinking to themselves: ''Not him again, when has he ever been right about anything? My semi-d in Kildare is worth €8m. Why is this guy trying to undo the miracle?''

It's pretty much 10 years to the day since we watched David the Ignored's show, In Search of the Pope's Children. Is there anything to be said for another documentary?

Yes. Along with a tip for David. The next time you're going to warn us about property, pick a week when we're not all obsessing about Black Friday. Because we're not great on the whole attention front. And we're completely addicted to buying frenzies that started in the States. But then you probably know that yourself after 2006.

A vote to end silly votes? Let's vote on that

Eilis O'Hanlon

There are calls for referendums on the Eighth Amendment, water charges, Irish unity, you name it. Now SF wants one on neutrality too.

It's easy to see why the Opposition is gagging for another referendum. After Brexit and Trump, the public mood is so volatile right now that we'd vote for anything that gives the system a bloody nose.

The Government could have a vote saying there should still be seven days in the week, and we'd vote it down, demanding that we want at least nine.

Even so, there's a risk we're going to be "referendumed out" before long. What we really need is a referendum to say that we don't want any more referendums for a while, then the politicians could actually get back to, you know, running the country and boring stuff like that.

That, and a vote on what punishment to justly inflict on pretentious people who use the word "referenda" as the plural instead of "referendums". This is Ireland. Plurals here have an S on the end.

Deal with it.

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