Thursday 21 November 2019

People are talking: Charlotte offers to trade slaps with Katie

Charlotte Church offered to get in the ring with Katie Price. Photo: Getty Images
Charlotte Church offered to get in the ring with Katie Price. Photo: Getty Images

Anne Marie Scanlon

All hail the second coming of Charlotte Church. The former child star who was once, along with then boyfriend Gavin Henson, never out of the tabloids (of the type that Katie Hopkins now 'writes' for) has been keeping a low profile these past few years. However, thanks to professional loudmouth Hopkins, Church is back and she's come out swinging, much to the delight of all her fans. And lots of others who never gave her a second thought in the past. To take on Hopkins is to know mass adulation.

After taking part in an anti-austerity rally in Cardiff while holding a placard saying "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" the Welsh singer was targeted by full-time troll, and self-appointed arbitar of Britishness, Hopkins.

"Wind your neck in," Hopkins tweeted directly to Church and added "Your (sic) Welsh AND you lost." Mother of two Church replied that she had no intention of engaging with Hopkins, but pointed out to the self-proclaimed 'journalist' that she couldn't spell.

After another Twitter user jokingly suggested a charity boxing match, Church lay down a challenge to the reality TV veteran. "Fancy a charity boxing match?"

Of course, Hopkins took this not as an invitation to actual physical combat, which it was, but an excuse to take a pop at Church's weight.

(Katie love, please stop going on about weight, it's beyond tedious. You're (note spelling) worse than Brian May with his badgers.) Now BoxNation have not only offered to organise a bout between the pair but also a 'purse' of £100,000 to go to a charity of the winner's choosing. The MD of BoxNation Jim McMunn said, "Boxing is the ultimate one on one. Twitter and social media becomes a cowardly nonsense." Will Katie put her mouth where the money is? Or is she afraid that Charlotte will take her to church?

Louis Walsh's long goodbye

It's an Irish exodus from the X-Factor. The glory days when the UK's most popular television talent show was an emerald empire ruled by Hibernian talent are over, it seems. Not long ago, we not only had Dermot O'Leary up there flying the tricolour. But most importantly, we had our famous lisping, sliver-haired jester himself, Louis Walsh, at the centre of proceedings. A new stock-Irishman for the social-media age, Walsh's role, he once admitted himself, was to "act the eejit."

And act the eejit he did, in glorious form. He had a glass of water thrown over him by Sharon Osbourne. He flounced and pouted and threatened to quit. He went to war with Cheryl Cole. But all of these theatrics did not come at the expense of professional expertise. Walsh became known for consistently backing winners on the show. In 2013, one of the many times over the years that stories of his demise as a panel institution turned out to have been greatly exaggerated, the Daily Telegraph produced a chart to prove that he was the most successful X Factor judge ever.

But now, it seems that after years of will-he-won't-he speculation about whether Louis will walk or be dropped, the end may finally be nigh. Of course, we've heard it all before. But rumours have been circulating for some time, and last week, Simon Cowell seemed, in his own inimitable way, to confirm the news. He appeared to tweet Walsh's epitaph in 140 characters, saying, "Louis Walsh is one of the good guys. We will always be friends. The door remains open and who knows what's next."

Louis himself seemed rather less definite, however. "People keep asking me what's happening with X Factor, but, honestly, I don't know," he said last week. "I definitely haven't been fired, but I haven't been hired either, so it's all up in the air. Either way, there are two empty seats to fill, but that's all I know. More importantly, I feel at peace with whatever happens."

So if it turns out to be the case that Louis has indeed taken his final bow from the show, at least we know he's philosophical about it. But then again, this is the man who has had more comebacks than Cher. So perhaps it's not time to shed a tear for the greatest Irish pop diva ever just yet.

Julia Molony

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